This is a Japanese distributor that mainly handles items from the United States and Europe.
Open: 10:00 am Close: 19:00 pm



With the motto of “Bridge between the world and Japan through the” good products “of the world,” by providing customers with good them from all over the world, we will enrich the hearts and lives of our customers and contribute to the promotion of cultural exchange between the world and Japan.



Trading Business

Through transactions with companies around the world, including the United States and Germany, as well as in Japan, we provide something valuable with the interests and joy of companies and customers first.



wholesale business

We sell wholesale to contract stores, mainly in the Kanto region.

We contribute to the development of the local economy by providing excellent products to local companies and customers at reasonable prices.



EC retail business

With the spread of the Internet, online sales have also spread and developed.

Through its online sales, we deliver the world’s best products to our customers quickly and smoothly.